Music streaming services stop playing

Michael Prinzler
Created on: 6/21/17 – Last changed on: 6/21/17

trivum supports different music streaming services. To use this music streaming services you need an paid account by the streaming service. With these account you can listen to the music with one device. You can not use the account on more than one device at the same time. 

For example: if you have an qobuz account, you can install the qobuz app on multiple iPhones and add your account data to each of them. But you can't play music with the qobuz apps from iPhone "A" and "B" at the same time. The music playback on iPhone "A" will stopp, when you start the playback on iPhone "B".

The same applies to trivum devices: It's not possible to listen music on more than one device at the same time with only one account. That is a limitation of all music streaming services!

If this happens, a message similar to the following will be displayed:

Links to create an account for the music streaming services:

More information about problems and solutions relating to streaming services.

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