Are there any new software and should I install it?

Michael Prinzler
Created on: 7/28/16 – Last changed on: 9/19/16

We continuously work on the optimization und expansion of our trivum products. That's why we offer software updates on a regular basis, which fixes small errors and partially adds new functions.

You can start an software update manually in the WebConfig user interface (How does it work?), the trivum ServerAdmin Tool (How does it work?) or directly on the TouchPad itself (only for TouchPad firmware updates; How does it work?)

The trivum system does not force you to make software updates. Are you satisfied with your trivum system and how it works, then there is possibly no reason for you to install an update.

For further information, please read the "Update you trivum multiroom system" article


Latest software updates

Read the list of V8 changes here. The very latest updates require to set System/Basic/use Beta before running Admin/Check for updates.
Read the list of V9 changes here. The very latest updates require to set Nightly Builds on updates.
Touchpad release notes are also available for V8 and for V9.
Please note that V8 devices cannot be combined with V9 devices. Read more details under Troubleshooting.

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