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Michael Prinzler
Created on: 7/28/16 – Last changed on: 6/21/17

Thanks for choosing a trivum multiroom system.

To put the trivum system into operation, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • a local network with DHCP capable router
  • a free network cable
  • at least one speaker with 4 or 8 ohm impedance
  • music archiv (network share, NAS)
  • web browser

For convenient use of all trivum possibilities we recommend:

  • a trivum TouchPad for high comfort operation
  • WLAN for controlling you trivum system via mobile device and trivum app
  • internet connection for music streaming services, software updates and remote support
  • at least one account at one of the following music streaming services: Deezer, qobuz, TIDAL
  • TuneIn
  • FM antenna (only for trivum devices with built-in FM tuner)

Mounting the trivum device

  • Mount the trivum device. Please follow the mounting instructions in the accompanying documents.

Connecting network, power, audio inputs/outputs, speaker

  • Connect your trivum device to your local network
  • Connect any external audio sources using appropriate audio cables to the audio inputs
  • Connect all speakers to the speaker outputs
  • Connect your trivum device to the power supply

Find the trivum device in your network

  • For additional configuration and operation you need to open the WebConfig of your trivum device in a web browser. (How does it work?)

Setting up audio sources

  • If you have an account at one of the above mentioned music streaming services, you can configure it now (How does it work?)
  • If you have  your own music library on a PC, MAC or NAS, you can configure them now (How does it work?)
  • If you want to use external audio sources, you can configure them now (How does it work?)

Setting up a trivum TouchPad

  • Connect your trivum TouchPad with the trivum MusicCenter

Tipp: Once you have completed the setup, we recommend you to make a backup of your configuration. (How does it work?)


More information about configuration, MusicCenter V9 as well as datasheets and quick installation guides can be found here.

Please visit our websites www.trivum.com or service.trivum.com for more information about our trivum devices.

Of course you can contact our support team via e-mail (service@trivum.com), if you have any questions, problems or wishes.

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