AirPlay has dropouts
Achim Schlumpberger
Created on: 7/28/16 – Last changed on: 8/1/16

AirPlay is used to play music from Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac) on AirPlay compatible devices.

Occasionally there may be dropouts during AirPlay playback. They are usually caused by network problems, which results in the loss of data packets and thus to the interruption of the music playback.

a.) My Apple device that is providing the music is a wireless device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

This may be caused by

  1. A poor wireless connection
    You are in an area of your room / apartment that does not have a good WiFi coverage. This is the case, for example if you leave a room and the music interrupts.
  2. A overloaded network
    IP TV (streaming movies on your TV) or group play from trivum devices may cause dropouts if your WLAN router setting is incorrectly. WLAN router must support IGMP and IGMP snooping must be active.
  3. In your area are too many WLAN network that influence each other. The more wireless routers are used, especially on the same radio channel, the more likely data loss resp. music dropouts.

To find out what the problem is exactly, proceed the following:

  1. Install iTunes on your PC or Mac
    (You can donwload iTunes from the Appe website)
  2. Make sure that you PC/Mac is connected to the Internet only via LAN cable and NOT additionally via WLAN. Please deactivate the WLAN on your PC/Mac for this test!
  3. Open iTunes and select a trivum device für AirPlay playback 
  4. Start the music playback in iTunes
  5. Play an .mp3 music file
  6. If the playback works without dropouts, the problem is with the wireless connection
  7. If the playback has dropouts even without wireless connection, please read below

b.) My Apple device that is providing the music is connected via LAN network cable
    (Mac Computer or Windows PC with iTunes)

AirPlay dropouts in a network without wifi is very rare.

The causes may be:

  1. Faulty switch or hub
    Please make sure that your switches/routers are working correct. Restart your switches/routers and repeat your test. Try also a different switch/router.
  2. Defect or bad network cable
    Please ensure that your network cables are correctly connected and in good condition.
  3. A "loop" in the switches/hubs
    If you use multiple switches/hubs, ensure that you use only  one cable as a link between two hubs. A loop is not allowed (negative example: Switch A -> Switch B -> Switch C -> Switch A).
    A good method for testing is to use only one hub. Connect only your DSL router for internet, the trivum devices and your NAS (if applicable). Then repeat the iTunes test from above.
  4. Using the same IP on different devices
    Please make sure that all network participants have a different, unique IP address.
    Please read the manuals of your network devices, how to determine the IP addresses of the other network devices.
  5. Network congestion
    Please check if any of your network devices sends multicast data. To do so, disconnect all other devices sequentially from the network and observe whether the music playback works without dropouts.

Please read here for further information about AirPlay and solutions.

If you can exclude all above listed causes, please contact us and report your problem here. We will try to solve the problem.

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