Music stops at group play
Achim Schlumpberger
Created on: 7/28/16 – Last changed on: 8/1/16

Occasionally there may be dropouts during the group play. They are usually caused by network problems, which results in the loss of data packets and thus to the interruption of the music playback.

Well configured and functioning networks shouldn't have these problems. Therefore one of the following should be the cause of the dropouts:

  1. Faulty switch or hub
    Please make sure that your switches/routers are working correct. Restart your switches/routers and repeat your test. Try also a different switch/router.
  2. You use a non smart switch
    The network switches must be smart to not send all data packets to all network devices, but only to those who are interested. The switches need to be support IGMP. Such devices are for example the HP 1920G, HP E2620-24-PoEP, Cisco SG300-10.
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  3. Defect or bad network cable
    Please ensure that your network cables are correctly connected and in good condition.
  4. A "loop" in the switches/hubs
    If you use multiple switches/hubs, ensure that you use only  one cable as a link between two hubs. A loop is not allowed (negative example: Switch A -> Switch B -> Switch C -> Switch A).
    A good method for testing is to use only one hub. Connect only your DSL router for internet, the trivum devices and your NAS (if applicable). Then repeat the group play testing.
  5. Using the same IP on different devices
    Please make sure that all network participants have a different, unique IP address.
    Please read the manuals of your network devices, how to determine the IP addresses of the other network devices.
  6. Network congestion
    Please check if any of your network devices sends multicast data. To do so, disconnect all other devices sequentially from the network and observe whether the music playback works without dropouts.

If you can exclude all above listed causes, please contact us and report your problem here. We will try to solve the problem.

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