Using KNX

Michael Prinzler
Created on: 7/28/16 – Last changed on: 9/16/16

trivum supports KNX as an active KNX member for many years. We continuously work on the optimization of the KNX function, to make it better, more flexible and even easier for the installer.

All trivum devices support KNX ex works, that means KNX is "built-in". Prerequisite for an trivum KNX operation is a KNX/IP router. trivum devices communicate via KNX/IP using this IP router.

INFO: Do not use KNX interfaces! An Error-free operation of a trivum KNX system is not possible with KNX interfaces. Use only KNX/IP router.

KNX interfaces have only on e IP address and communicate with only one (!) client at the same time. KNX/IP router on the other hand have an additional IP address - it's called Multicast IP address. With the Multicast IP address KNX/IP router can communicate with more than one client at the same time. These capability is a prerequisite for a functioning trivum KNX system.

To connect trivum devices useful with the KNX installation, the trivum devices must be parameterized.

Enable trivum KNX support

Notice: The KNX/IP router must be configured so that EIB telegrams are transmitted by the KNX bus to the IP network. See KNX/IP router configuration

  1. Open the WebConfig (How does it work?)
  2. Click on KNX
  3. Enable Use KNX/IP
  4. Check if a KNX/IP router is detected
    By default the Multicast IP address is Are your system uses another Multicast IP address, enter this one in the text field Router IP address. You can also find a list of all found KNX router and interfaces by clicking on Show IP routers/interfaces found in your network.

KNX examples

Below we will explain the basic KNX configuration steps with two simple examples. 

Example 1: The TouchPad light switch
In this example, a simple switch button is applied to the KNX control screen on a trivum TouchPad. With this button you can switch your garden lights on and off, for example.

Example 2: The KNX control element (music controller)
In this example, a 6-fold KNX control element should control our trivum multiroom system. The controller should be able to operate basic functions such as source selection, volume up/down and mut/power off.

For further questions about KNX, please read our English-language service area.

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