Connecting external audio devices (CD player, turntable etc.)

Michael Prinzler
Created on: 7/28/16 – Last changed on: 9/2/16

Most of the trivum devices allow to connect one or more external audio sources, such as CD player or turntables. Depending on the trivum device there are several ways to connect the source device.

Some trivum devices (AudioBox, SC044) also supports "Input Sensing": the trivum device will automatically turn on as soon as a signal is detected at the audio input. Useful for example if you have a TV on your trivum multiroom system. If you switch on your TV, the trivum zone your TV is connected to switches on too.

Please note the following if you are using external audio sources:

  1. For turntables another phono preamp is necessary.
    This phono stage equalizes and amplifies the signal of the turntable and make it ready for use for normal amplifier and also trivum amplifiers. Please inform yourself, which phono preamplifier is right for you.
  2. Digital or analog connection?
  3. Distortion during playback via trivum devices
    LineLevel ...
    Adjustments InputLevel...
  4. Brummschleifen -> Micha fragen

Below the connection options of the trivum devices are explained: 


The trivum AudioBox has one analog and one digital audio input.
You can connect a digital audio source via optical TOSLINK cable, or an analog audio source via 3.5 mm stereo jack.
audiobox rueckseite

REG RP311, RP341

The REG devices RP311 and RP341 have one analog line-in.
rp311 anschlussrp341 anschluss
We recommend to use the optional input adapter to connect an external audio source. By using the InputAdapter, the distance between REG device and external audio source can be much wider. Because the InputAdapter is connected to the REG device via shielded CAT-5 network cable, which is protected against interference, much longer distances are possible.
Example: The trivum REG device is located in the basement and your record player in the living room on the 1st floor. In order to play the vinyl music through your trivum system, you need a network cable (CAT5/6/7) from the REG device to your record player. One end of the network cable is connected directly to the line-in port of the REG device. The other end is connected to a trivum InputAdapter, which is connected to your record player (usually via standard RCA cable).
anschlussplan rp341 inputadapter

FLEX SC344, SC348, SC044

The Flex devices SC044, SC344 and SC348 have analog line-ins, for connecting external audio sources via standard RCA cable. The SC044 and SC344 have 4 stereo inputs. The SC348 has 8 stereo inputs.

anschluesse sc044 anschluesse sc348
SC044 SC348

C4 system InputConnect plug-in card

The C4 plug-in card InputConnect has both a stereo line-in for connecting external audio sources via standard RCa cable, and a trivum AudioBus input, for connecting external audio sources via trivum InputAdapter (see REG example above)
anschluss inputconnect steckkarte

C4 system PowerAmpConnect plug-in card

See C4 InputConnect plug-in card
anschluss powerampconnect steckkarte


The trivum InStreamer is a very flexible product. The InStreamer allows you to feeding an audio signal (from the external audio source) in your trivum multiroom system - through your local network. There is no direct "audio" connection between source and trivum device necessary, because the InStreamer digitizes and streams the audio signal. The connected audio sourceis available for all trivum devices in your trivum multiroom system.
You also can use multiple InStreamer in your trivum system and use them from different zones. The InStreamer has to be added and configured in your trivum multiroom system (How does it work?).
The trivum InStreamer has both a stereo line-in  for standard RCA cable and an optical digital-in for connections via optical TOSLINK cable.
anschluss instreamer

DigitalInputAdapter (for InputConnect, PowerAmpConnect, RP311, RP341)

The DigitalInputAdapter has one optical digital-in for connecting external audio devices via optical TOSLINK cable.  For the use of a Input Adapter, see REG example above.
anschluss digitalinputadapter

AnalogInputAdapter (for InputConnect, PowerAmpConnect, RP311, RP341)

The AnalogInputAdapter has one stereo line-in for connecting external audio sources via standard RCA cable.  For the use of a Input Adapter, see REG example above.
anschluss analoginputadapter

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