Example 1: The TouchPad light switch

Michael Prinzler
Created on: 8/5/16 – Last changed on: 8/5/16

In this example, a simple switch button is applied to the KNX control screen on a trivum TouchPad. With this button you can switch your garden lights on and off, for example.

screenshot Schalt-Button


  • the garden light is connected and controlled by an KNX switch actuator
  • the trivum multiroom system is integrated in your KNX installation via KNX/IP router
  • the KNX support of your trivum multiroom system is enabled and ready for use
  • a trivum TouchPad is installed and ready for use

To switch your garden lighting on and off via the trivum TouchPad you have to first create an "switch" button on one of the 8 KNX control screens of your TouchPad. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the TouchPad WebConfig (How does it work?)
  2. Click on Page Editor
  3. Click on one of the 8 KNX control screens, called "pages"
  4. Move thy mouse coursor over one of the free widget slots
  5. Click on the +-sign, to add an app, button or macro on this free slot
    Tipp: The position of the "switch" button can be adjusted at any time by drag&drop.
  6. Select switch from the list KNX Button hinzufügen

→ The "switch" button has been successfully created and you will automatically enter the configuration page.

The next step is to adjust your "switch" button (color, size, icon etc.) and to parameterized it for your KNX installation. Proceed as follows:

  1. Enter a name for the "switch" button in the field Button Text, for example "Garden"
  2. Click on Icon for 'Off' button and select a appropriate icon from the list, e.g. WallLight
  3. Click on Icon for 'On' button and select a appropriate icon from the list, e.g. WallLightActive
  4. Enter in the text field GA to set on/off (1 Bit) the group address of your KNX switch actuator, which  is parameterized for controlling your garden lighting, for example 5 / 1 /  1
  5. Enter in the text field GA to read status (1 Bit) the group address of your KNX switch actuator, which addresses the feedback channel, for example 5 / 1 / 2

→ The "switch" button has been successfully created and parameterized and you can now control your garden lighting from you trivum TouchPad:

  1. Tap on the mode switch buttonicon music control switch in the upper left corner of you trivum TouchPad, to iswitch to the KNX control screens
  2. Navigate to KNX control screen, where you placed the "Garden" button
  3. Tap on the "Garden" button

→ The command to switch on the graden lighting has been sent (grey status bar). The status bar changes the color as soon as the confirmation has been sent for a successfully switch-on of the KNX installation.

button switch off button switch on send button switch on confirmed
off  on (without confirmation) on (with confirmation)

Notice: Don't forget to make a backup of your configuration. (How does it work?)

Supported KNX objects (for TouchPad)

Switch A button for switching something via KNX. The button can also display the device status.
Dimmer A dimmer button for dimming something via KNX.
RGB A RGB button for controlling RGB LEDs via KNX. Colors can be selected by sliders or a color wheel and also saved as presets.
Shutter/Blind A shutter/blind button for controlling shutter or blinds via KNX.
Climate A climate button for controlling heating and cooling via KNX.
Value display An object to display information like status, temperature, text etc. from KNX sensors/actuators.
Fancoil A fancoil button for controlling a fan via KNX.
Scene A button for saving (and restoring) the state of different buttons, which is called a "scene".

For further information about KNX, please read our English-language service website.

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