Example 2: The KNX control element (music controller)

Michael Prinzler
Created on: 8/5/16 – Last changed on: 6/21/17

In this example, a 6-fold KNX control element should control our trivum multiroom system. The controller should be able to operate some basic functions, such as

  • previous source / next source
  • volume +/-
  • mute / power off


  • a 6-fold KNX control element
  • the trivum multiroom system is integrated in your KNX installation via KNX/IP router
  • the KNX support of your trivum multiroom system is enabled and ready for use

To control the music of your trivum multiroom system using a 6-fold KNX control element, the KNX telegrams of the KNX controller must be assigned to trivum actions. This is done via the trivum KNX events. Each trivum KNX event is the link between a certain type KNX telegram and his corresponding trivum action. To create and configure an trivum KNX event, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the WebConfig (How does it work?)
  2. Click on KNX Events
  3. Click on  Add a new KNX event to trivum action mapping
    → A new event is displayed in the List of KNX Events
  4. Click on the new new event
  5. Enter the following data:
    KNX event settings
    Group Address KNX group address that triggers the trivum action
    Example: 6/1/1
    Description Name or description of the KNX event. Displayed in lists
    Example: Bathroom_nextZone
    Change assigned zone trivum zone, in which the assigned trivum action is performed
    Example: Bathroom
    Change data type Data type of the value that triggers the trivum action
    Example: 1 bit
    Number/String which triggers the action Value, that triggers the trivum action when it is sent to the KNX address
    Example: 1
    Change assigned action trivum action to be performed
    Example: nextSource
  6. Repeat step 5 for all other functions the 6-fold KNX controller should have

→ Now you have created all functions listed above you need for your KNX controller.

The next step is to parameterized the 6-fold KNX controller (e.g. in ETS) corresponding to the values of your KNX event.

Notice: Don't forget to make a backup of your configuration. (How does it work?)

For further information about KNX, please read our English-language service website.

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